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Sunday, April 11, 2010

WARNING - when in KL

> WARNING - when in KL
> I am sure you all have heard of 'pick pocket'.
> A new trend 'push pocket'.
> Read on.. for your own good
> A few days ago a new type of crime has surfaced in town.
> It goes something like this:-
> Somebody slips a hand-phone into your pocket, sometimes it could be
> just a wallet with an identity card and a few ringgit.
> A few minutes later, the 'owner' comes up and confronts you, the
> 'thief '. He makes a big commotion that you stole his stuff.
> You, caught unaware, are then pulled aside by the 'owner' for a
> settlement. You are intimidated and threatened that if you do not pay
> up the police will be brought in.
> If you pay up, this 'owner' lets you go.
> If not, the police are brought in.
> Another strange thing is that there always seems to be a 'witness' to
> your 'theft'.
> I am told this often happens to foreigners at the Kuala Lumpur
> International Airport (KLIA) or even at LRT trains. Given that you're
> 'guilty until proven innocent' as far as the Malaysian police are
> concerned, I understand some poor people are in jail for these
> 'offences'.
> At the KLIA, the 'owner' throws his hand-phone and wallet with the few
> ringgit notes into the luggage trolley of a just arrived passenger.
> The drama unfolds a few minutes later. The real culprit has easily
> convinced our Malaysian police to arrest the real victim (if he has
> not paid up the 'settlement' demand).
> This is a very serious matter.
> This is another form of extortionists operating in broad daylight.
> They are disgusting criminals who will do anything to rob and steal.
> The sickening part of the whole scenario is that unless you pay the
> 'quoted settlement' money, they will put you in real trouble by
> calling the police.
> The real culprit gets back his hand-phone and wallet but the real
> victim ( i.e. could be any one of us) is thrown into the police lock
> up and charged in court.
> So do be very careful, otherwise you may end up as a 'thief'
> as you have no way to prove your innocence.
> The best prevention to this crime is not to have pockets in your
> trousers.... .wear a chettiah belt around your waist instead.
> Pass it on.....
> let more people be aware
> of such things around them.
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